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About: Meet the Staff

Get to know the staff of Lebanon Family Health Services. Here are some fun facts about us.

  • Vicki DeLoatch

    Vicki DeLoatch

    My name is Vicki DeLoatch and I am the Vice President of Finance and Marketing. When I was in high school, I was a member of the marching band and was in the Cotton Bowl Parade in Texas. My favorite part of working at LFHS is that the people who work here are like a family and I love helping people in the community in which I live.

  • Holly Dolan

    My name is Holly Dolan and I am the Director of Education and Outreach at LFHS. I have lived in 6 states, but Lebanon County is where my husband and I choose to raise our children. Working in a family planning clinic has been a lifelong dream that came true when I joined the staff in October 2012. Helping families find good healthcare is my passion. Prior to that, I worked for over 10 years in my other passion as a high school health teacher in the area of adolescent health. I love to teach! If I could meet any famous person it would be Michelle Obama. I admire the work she has done to combat child obesity.

  • Sue Gibson

    My name is Sue Gibson and I am an office associate at LFHS. My favorite part about working at LFHS is working with my coworkers. If I could be any one person for a day it would be to be rich! I used to hate cats, but now I love them. In fact, I even own one!

  • Beth Keeney

    My name is Beth Keeney and I am the Breastfeeding Peer Outreach Coordinator at LFHS. If I could be any person for a day it would be Michelle Obama. I am an avid sports fan. I enjoy the Eagles Football, Senators Baseball and the Hershey Bears Hockey. My favorite part of working at LFHS is being able to meet all the new moms.

  • Barb Krasuski

    My name is Barb Krasuski and I am the part-time nurse practitioner at LFHS. I love to garden and quilt. If I could be anyone for a day it would be Doris Duke.

  • Kimberly Kreider-Umble

    Kimberly Kreider-Umble

    My name is Kimberly Kreider Umble and I am the President and CEO of LFHS. I love our mission and I have enjoyed supporting it for over 27 years. I love the fact that this agency has responded to community needs over the years. If I could be any one person for a day, I would be a very wealthy person so I could give to social justice programs. I admire Helen Keller who said, “Life is a caring adventure or nothing.” As a younger person I spent a lot of time acting in plays and in musicals. It was a passion of mine and I hope to return to it again someday.

  • Jan Laicha

    My name is Jan Laicha and I am the billing manager at LFHS. My favorite part about working at LFHS is my coworkers. If I could be anyone for a day it would be to be a beautiful tall girl on a tropical island with white sand and clear aqua water! When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a nun.

  • Jess Marrero

    My name is Jess Marero and I am the clinic manager at LFHS. My favorite part about working at LFHS is the patients and my coworkers. I am a very sentimental person. I will cry when watching sad or romantic movies. I’ll even cry when I hear beautiful songs. If I could be anyone for a day I wish I could be a wealthy person and give to people in need and worthwhile causes. 

  • Bonnie Morrow

    Hi, My name is Bonnie and I am a Licensed Practicing Nurse. I am a native to Lebanon County and went to Northern Lebanon High School. I have over 26 years of OBGYN experience. I love to sew, knit and I have a dog named Wahoo and a bird named Billy.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Muhire-Nlaki

    My name is Elizabeth Muhire-Nlaki. I work at Good Samaritan Family Practice and serve as the Medical Director for Lebanon Family Health Services. I enjoy this work because it allows me to serve the community. I graduated from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and did my residency training at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN. In my free time I read extensively, especially about the kings and queens of Britain.

  • Enid Rivera

    My name is Enid and I am a Nutrition Aide at LFHS. I admire my husband, Juan. Few people know that I was a Girl Scout leader and a librarian for 9 years.

  • Terri Smith

    My name is Terri Smith and I am a nutritionist at LFHS. I am not from the Lebanon area, but I have lived here for over 20 years and LFHS has become like family to me. My husband and two daughters make up my immediate family. My mother is the strongest person I have ever known and is my inspiration.

  • Debra Stanilla

    My name is Debra Stanilla and I am a Nutrition Aide in the WIC program. My favorite part about working at LFHS is meeting so many people every day. If I could be a famous person for a day, it would be Oprah. When I was younger I used to show dogs. I once started a pet-sitting business but couldn’t bring myself to charge money, so I never made a dime! I worked as a cocktail waitress when I first moved to Lebanon and I love to teach ZUMBA.

  • Donna Williams

    Donna Williams

    My name is Donna Williams and I am the Chief Operating Officer at LFHS. I’ve been at LFHS for over 25 years, and I am known as the practical joker around here. I have an adopted grandmother that just turned 104 and I have a terrible phobia of bugs! My favorite part about working at LFHS is working with our CEO, all the board, staff, volunteers, patients, clients and funders. Above all, my favorite days are Walk-in-Fridays and baby days in WIC.

  • Sara Wingert

    My name is Sara Wingert and I am the Nutrition Specialist in the WIC program. Most people don’t know that my grandmother was born in Africa and that my great grandfather was killed by a lion! The best part of my job is that each day I get to see children smile when we learn about nutritious food! If I could be any famous person, I wish I was either Melinda Gates or Oprah and had the opportunity to give lots of money away to worthwhile causes like LFHS!

  • Natalie Wittes

    My name is Natalie Wittes and I am the Nurse Practitioner here at LFHS. My favorite part about working at LFHS are all the patients and my coworkers. When I was 16 I played Helen Keller in the school play. I had no lines and little direction, but the experience allowed me the opportunity to experience life without vision or hearing and appreciate the challenges these individuals face every day. If I could be anyone for a day, I would like to be a back up dancer.

Less time lost from employee sick days!

Less time lost from employee sick days!

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PLEASE NOTE:  LFHS remains open with adjustments made to our WIC program. For the safety of all visitors to LFHS, please see the guidelines for the use of masks. 

Please continue to follow the recommended precautions of hand washing, covering your mouth/nose if you sneeze and practicing social distancing. Also, be aware of public health tips for safer sex. Finally, stay informed about the signs/symptoms of Coronavirus infection and the local resources being put in place at WellSpan. For this information, visit their website .

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