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A teenager being treated like an adult

— Sirae Sprecher

My name is Sirae Sprecher and I grew up in Lebanon County. I went to Cedar Crest High School and now work in human services in Lebanon County.

As a teenager I was looking for free and confidential reproductive health care. During my search, I came across Lebanon Family Health Services. I can remember being apprehensive about making my initial appointment, but I specifically remember how I was treated on the phone-with respect and care.

That was the way that I was treated for the duration of my care at LFHS. From the initial phone call to meeting with providers, all the way to my last visit. I was always respected, listened to, cared for and treated with dignity. And I was a teenager-being treated like an adult. Some adults don’t even get treated that way during their healthcare journey. Because I felt that way, I actually took more responsibility for my health care and felt more invested than ever.

I can specifically remember two ladies at the front desk who made me feel so comfortable. These two women were always extremely professional and even though my parents knew about my care, they would always asked if it was ok to call certain telephone numbers and leave messages.

Now, I am a professional social worker in the community at a local school district. On my very first day working there, which was also the first day of school, my principal came to me and said we have two pregnant teens. The first place that came to mind was Lebanon Family Health Services. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to refer people to a place that I have personally experienced and where I know they will be treated with the same respect and dignity.

Photo of Beth

From WIC participant to a mentor helping other WIC participants

Beth Keeney is the Breastfeeding Peer Outreach Coordinator at our WIC office. But before she joined the staff, she was a client at LFHS and a participant of the WIC program.

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