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Stories from our Community

Cutting the ribbon for the brand new building is my fondest memory

— Judy Feather, Board Member

Even though we were serenaded to a trumpet solo playing “Taps”, cutting the ribbon for the brand new building is my fondest memory. I am happy that LFHS is a part of our community. Not only does it provide much needed services, it is also the best-run agency in Lebanon County and can serve as a role model for other agencies. LFHS provides services that no other agency can, and it provides them with dignity and respect for all clients.

I first became familiar with LFHS almost 40 years ago. I remember when we were at N.8th Street – and at the IU building –at 1 Cumberland. I have so many memories of LFHS. Some of my favorite memories are the retreat at Philhaven, TLA, Jazz in June, all board retreats, the great people on the board, pool parties, Kim’s birthday phone calls, selling raffle tickets for a motorcycle, selling tickets for almost anything.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the agency has been that over the years it became a respected and accepted member of the community. This is the work of Kim with help from her staff and board. Probably the best thing we ever did was hire Kim.

3 Generations

“WIC helped 3 generations of Mother’s‑Thank You!”

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PLEASE NOTE:  LFHS remains open with adjustments made to our WIC program. For the safety of all visitors to LFHS, please see the guidelines for the use of masks. 

Please continue to follow the recommended precautions of hand washing, covering your mouth/nose if you sneeze and practicing social distancing. Also, be aware of public health tips for safer sex. Finally, stay informed about the signs/symptoms of Coronavirus infection and the local resources being put in place at WellSpan. For this information, visit their website .

Information on Lebanon County Emergency Resources.

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