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Education: Parenting Classes

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Free parenting workshops are offered to the community several times throughout the year.  These workshops run for five consecutive weeks with each class running for approximately two hours.

To register to any of these classes, please call (717) 273-6741.




Parents of Young Children

The Parents of Young Children workshop is for individuals parenting children from birth to age 8. Childcare is not provided.

Topics include:

  • child development
  • positive communication
  • discipline
  • parent burnout prevention
  • stress and anger management


Parents of Adolescents

“Guiding Good Choices” Workshop

The “Guiding Good Choices” (GGC) workshop is for individuals parenting children ages 9–14.  This research-based program focuses on strengthening family bonds, setting clear boundaries, teaching refusal skills, and guiding your children into making responsible choices for themselves.



Summer 2013 FFS Class

Connecting Through Texting

My biggest strength in helping me quit is my support group.

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Travel and Leisure Auction 

Friday November 10 @6:30

For tickets: call 717-273-6741 or purchase ON-LINE

  • Next Parenting Class

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    Be The One:  A parenting workshop for building resilient teens and families (age 9-18)

    October 26, November 2, 9, 16



    Register:  (717) 273-6741 ext. 310

  • STI Walk in Day

    Monday October 30, 2017



    $20 Gift Card for anyone who gets tested