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Stories From Our Community

Check out these stories from our LFHS clients.

FREEDOM From Smoking!

I smoked from age 16 to age 55. My father was a smoker and having been exposed to smoking, I became a smoker myself. 

Today, I am a Resident Services Coordinator for Housing Development Corporation Mid Atlantic and as part of my role, I bring educational programs to my residents. In 2015 I reached out to Lebanon Family Health Services to set up on site classes for my residents to help them quit smoking. I arranged the classes and sent out flyers to my residents. 

Five years had passed since my personal goal to quit smoking, so I decided that I would take the classes with my residents. I knew that this would be a good way to support each other. The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional and taught us skills that with time proved that they work. 

On November 17th I celebrated 5 years smoke free thanks to the Freedom from Smoking class that I took from Lebanon Family Health Services. Today, I continue to encourage others by talking to them about my experience and what I did to quit. I refer them to the program that helped me.

Ana Montanez, HDC MidAtlantic, Resident Services Coordinator and Freedom From Smoking participant

Parenting Classes Changing Lives

Be The One parenting class has truly helped me open my eyes to more effective parenting techniques and how the child’s brain is developed through parent/child connection. I have learned so much in this class, from managing stress to the different types of parenting styles. I learned that communication is so important and with Be the One, I was able to absorb all of this. I will be putting all of this into practice with my three boys. It’s very important to me that my boys get the best version of me! Thank you to Be The One, this course has made an impact.

Be The One parenting class opened my eyes to more effective parenting

Luis Garcia

Luis was a participant in the January 2020 class in partnership with Northwest Elementary School (Communities In Schools program). He participated in this class with Spanish translation thanks to a grant from the United Way.

Jay Keller

I first learned about Lebanon Family Health through my family doctor and seeing the services on social media (Facebook). I was attracted to LFHS because I wanted to become healthier and I have now been connected with LFHS for over 3 years. I first participated in the Freedom From Smoking program and I am now over 15 months tobacco free! The program helped me improve my health. I can now smell and taste better and have saved a lot of money from no longer buying cigarettes.

In June 2017 I started the T2: Diabetes Prevention Program. From this program I learned better eating habits and how to get more exercise. Through LFHS’s DPP, I learned how important it is to find the time to explore the opportunity to help yourself and become healthy.

Dara and Jonathan Hafey

We learned about Lebanon Family Health Services’ Be the One Parenting Class from a flyer on a community bulletin board. This was the first time we had ever been to LFHS and we attended the class because we wanted to be the best parents that we could be for our child. We are also hoping to become foster/adoptive parents.

The course was wonderful! It helped refresh our skills and taught us new ones. We learned some great techniques to help us be more grounded. The Active Listening Skills that were presented have been especially helpful for us, as it can be tough these days to really listen to what others have to say with such busy schedules.

By taking the time to take this class, it was our way to say to our child, “hey, we love you and as a family we can do this!”

Laurie Bomgardner

I found out about LFHS through a friend when she saw a flyer at the Lebanon Farmer’s Market for the T2: Diabetes Prevention Program. My doctor had told me I was pre-diabetic and I immediately went home, cleaned out my cabinet and became committed to changing my whole life and way of eating. Through LFHS’s Diabetes Prevention Program I was able to stay on track and it made me accountable for my habits. I came to class religiously for one-year.

The class has changed my whole way of eating and looking at food. After doing this program, the lifestyle change I made is now my “new normal”. I’ve lost over 40 pounds, lowered my blood pressure significantly and the change even allowed me to lower the dosage of the medications I am taking. The class helped me a lot and I even look forward to being weighed each class.

Lydia Dominguez

I have been coming to LFHS since I was 16 and I have utilized many of the programs over the years including the WIC program. I found many of the educational programs very helpful and supportive, including a healthy cooking class that was offered many years ago.

Recently, I completed the “Prevent T2 Class”, the new diabetes prevention program. This class has given me many tools to implement in my everyday life such as creating a healthy diet plan, increasing exercise, practicing daily planning and grocery shopping. I have learned so much about nutrition and how the body works when it comes to preventing diabetes.

When I started the class, I was at risk of acquiring Type II Diabetes, but with the help of the T2 Class, LFHS Staff and guest speakers, I made a commitment to change. Over the course of the year, I got closer to my weight goal. I received continued encouragement from the teachers and when questions arose, they helped explain why and how to adjust my goals. The staff was open-minded and shared their experiences. I learned that goals can be accomplished with guidance and utilizing the tools I learned in the class such as journaling.

I am no longer considered pre-diabetic. I no longer take any of my medications and my sugar numbers are better than ever! I contribute my success to the knowledge gained in this class and the support I received from my classmates in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We are all in this together!

Yashira Rivera

At Lebanon Family Health Services I was not only provided with birth control and yearly exams I was given a second chance at life. In recent months my sister, a patient of LFHS, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The same facility that caught my Chronic ITP was able to catch her breast cancer at an early stage. My sister and I are 2 examples of the millions of women nationwide that depend on Title X (Ten) funding and facilities like LFHS.

Defunding Title X (Ten) would be catastrophic. Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. Yes, Title X (Ten) saved my life. I deserve a second chance of life, we all do.

It is up to us to teach the masses about the importance of Title X (Ten) funding. Title X (Ten) means affordability and opportunity. Title X (Ten) funding provides women nationwide with affordable healthcare.

Thank You LFHS for this opportunity and for your continuous hard work and dedication in serving patients here in Lebanon County

Renee Gehman and Alicia Wike

The relationship between our Medical assisting program at the Lebanon County Career and Technical Center and the Lebanon Family Health Services began four years ago. The medical assisting students learn by doing and receiving valuable hands on experience at Lebanon Family Health.

Some of the things the students have been learning and doing at the LFHS are patient interaction, administrative skills, community health and clinical skills. They rotate their learning experiences through the clinic, pre-natal services and the WIC program.

Our favorite time of year is during April when MA students assist with the STI clinics and gain irreplaceable phlebotomy skills. Patient communication, the actual blood drawing process, called venipuncture and trouble-shooting are skills that can’t be learned from a book or in a classroom. 

That’s why we are so thankful for the services and staff at LFHS for not only allowing our students to come and learn with them, but assisting them at becoming the best medical assistants that we know they can be.

Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick

As a park board director and park ranger I reached out to Lebanon Family Health Services so that Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick could be a partner in the Young Lungs at Play (YLAP) program. My professional background was as a Health/Wellness, Physical and Outdoor Education public school teacher. As a health teacher I taught my high school students about the hazards of smoking and I still have the drive to educate others about the harmful effects of smoking and vaping. As a park ranger I see many families with children using the park. A forested, wilderness park such as Governor Dick, with its trails system and observation tower is not exempt from the hazards of smoking and vaping, especially to children who are still physically developing. The YLAP program will have a positive impact on park users. I applaud LFHS for bringing the YLAP program to Lebanon County and to Clarence Schock Memorial Park. We are proud to be a partner and part of the growing list of parks joining the program.

‑Dave Eichler, Park Ranger at Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dicks

Changing Lives in a Safe and Healthy Way

— Aida Aguirre and Juanita Samuel

Lebanon Family Health Services helped our family with eating healthy (in the Diabetes Prevention Program) while meeting all the nice people that work there. They helped us understand that we can change our lives in a safe and healthy way.

Multicultural services for the whole family

My name is Karen Jones. I am a mother of four beautiful children. Three years ago my husband, Brian, and I were faced with a tough decision to make. We had to decide if I should stay working when my eldest went off to school and have the other children cared for by someone else or to provide the care myself. We leaned on God for strength and wisdom knowing how difficult things could become, but knew he would provide for us.

A chance search online lead us to the WIC website. We applied and were able to receive the services. The wonderful services WIC provides for the community are amazing. They offer multi-cultural services for the whole family, not just women and children. Without these services, we would probably not have been able to afford some of the healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables for our growing family. I am now able to provide healthier meals and snack options.

-Karen Jones

Less time lost from employee sick days!

Lebanon Family Health Services’ convenient care has been a time saver for our employees. When someone is sick, is unable to get to the doctor or doesn’t want to sit at a local urgent care, we call Lebanon Family Health Services. Someone who isn’t feeling well can call too. They schedule an appointment for a visit with the doctor in the clinic and the entire process is done in an hour. This saves on time out of the office and has helped us avoid losing days with employees off sick. The appointment costs just $20 regardless of insurance and just $5 if a prescription is appropriate. This cost is less expensive than our employee insurance co-pay and much less expensive for medication. The cost is low and the treatment and care remains top notch.

— Laurie Bowersox

A teenager being treated like an adult

My name is Sirae Sprecher and I grew up in Lebanon County. I went to Cedar Crest High School and now work in human services in Lebanon County.

As a teenager I was looking for free and confidential reproductive health care. During my search, I came across Lebanon Family Health Services. I can remember being apprehensive about making my initial appointment, but I specifically remember how I was treated on the phone-with respect and care.

That was the way that I was treated for the duration of my care at LFHS. From the initial phone call to meeting with providers, all the way to my last visit. I was always respected, listened to, cared for and treated with dignity. And I was a teenager-being treated like an adult. Some adults don’t even get treated that way during their healthcare journey. Because I felt that way, I actually took more responsibility for my health care and felt more invested than ever.

I can specifically remember two ladies at the front desk who made me feel so comfortable. These two women were always extremely professional and even though my parents knew about my care, they would always asked if it was ok to call certain telephone numbers and leave messages.

Now, I am a professional social worker in the community at a local school district. On my very first day working there, which was also the first day of school, my principal came to me and said we have two pregnant teens. The first place that came to mind was Lebanon Family Health Services. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to refer people to a place that I have personally experienced and where I know they will be treated with the same respect and dignity.

— Sirae Sprecher

WIC is a Blessing!

WIC has been a blessing to our family since our two year old was born. I appreciate the friendly and supportive staff as well as the checks for healthy foods.
Thank you!


WIC is Always There For My Family

Since 1996 I have been using Lebanon Family Health’s WIC program for my family. It has always been a pleasure to deal with the staff in the WIC program and overall, WIC has been a great help. When money was tight, WIC helped with formula. WIC is an awesome program and the staff is always friendly!

— Heather Bechtel, WIC Client

A teenager being treated like an adult

Breastfeeding has changed my life and I would like to help encourage other mommies to utilize the services as well. Thanks, WIC.

— Rebecca and Liam Seaber, WIC clients

Reproductive Healthcare is Vital

Regardless of the day, month, year or decade…reproductive health care for women is vital and proven to increase the quality of life for countless people. It is wonderful that LFHS
has, for over 40 years, been a provider for so many women and families. The services provided, along with skill and dedication of the staff, contribute to LFHSs success and longevity. I am happy I was a part of LFHS for nearly a decade and can contribute to this essential organization with a congratulatory tribute on 40 years of community care.Thank you!

— Dawn Spaar, E-town college

Cutting The Ribbon

Even though we were serenaded to a trumpet solo playing “Taps”, cutting the ribbon for the brand new building is my fondest memory. I am happy that LFHS is a part of our community. Not only does it provide much needed services, it is also the best-run agency in Lebanon County and can serve as a role model for other agencies. LFHS provides services that no other agency can, and it provides them with dignity and respect for all clients.

I first became familiar with LFHS almost 40 years ago. I remember when we were at N.8th Street – and at the IU building –at 1 Cumberland. I have so many memories of LFHS. Some of my favorite memories are the retreat at Philhaven, TLA, Jazz in June, all board retreats, the great people on the board, pool parties, Kim’s birthday phone calls, selling raffle tickets for a motorcycle, selling tickets for almost anything.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the agency has been that over the years it became a respected and accepted member of the community. This is the work of Kim with help from her staff and board. Probably the best thing we ever did was hire Kim.

— Judy Feather, Board Member

Proud to Support the Erma M. Kapp Golf Tournament

Lebanon Family Health Services provides outstanding, friendly, confidential services to many men and women each year. LFHS welcomes all patients with open arms, educates those in need of parenting classes and tobacco cessation classes, and makes our community a better place. It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful agency and help support LFHS through my Grandmother’s Memorial Golf Tournament- The Erma M. Kapp Memorial Golf Tournament.”

— Laura Stickler, Supporter

On the board for 35 years

I originally joined the LFHS board 35 years ago. I can’t believe how the agency has evolved and grown these 40 years as they addressed the ever changing needs of our community. I am proud to be both a board member and client of the most caring, well run and highly respected agency in Lebanon County.

— Kathy Andrews, patient & board

On the Cutting Edge of Healthcare Needs Within the Community

As a board member for almost a decade, it has been an amazing experience to be a part of LFHS. LFHS continues to stay on the cutting edge of what the health needs are in our community and LFHS continues to serve families with integrity, compassion and professionalism. I’m looking forward to the next 40 years with this remarkable agency and its remarkable staff!Thank you!

— Alicia Arnold, Board Member

If John Were Alive, He’d Be Proud

Lebanon Family Health Services was John’s passion. He was passionate about all of the fine people that worked at LFHS and the clients they served. He wanted to see LFHS succeed in all of its endeavors. John had such a great fondness for LFHS and for Kim. He felt that Kim was as equally passionate and committed to this as anybody could possibly be for Lebanon Family Health Services. If John were alive today, he would be so very proud of all the accomplishments Kim and the agency have been recognized for over the years. I just want to thank LFHS for all that you have done for the community. Just remember that John had great pride and pleasure in working with all of you.

— Glenda Synodinos, in memorium

Maintaining Overall Wellness

I know that LFHS is a much-needed and much-used agency in Lebanon County. They provide a wide range of services, many of them at no cost to our residents. This is an agency that is committed to helping residents get and maintain overall wellness in their lives.

-Nori Fisher, Volunteer

An Agency With Vision and Commitment

UPMC for You is proud to collaborate with Lebanon Family Health Services. Our partnership exemplifies UPMC’s core values and its commitment to the community, which is demonstrated by its support of organizations such as LFHS that promote dignity, respect and health. When I first became familiar with LFHS, I was impressed with its staff. As I have learned more about the organization I have become even more impressed with the vision and commitment that this organization has for its constituency. UPMC for You is pleased to be a sponsor and a key partner in the success of Lebanon Family Health Services.

— Jonathan Encarncion, UPMC

40 Years and Stronger Than Ever!

I actually remember the days of Lebanon Family Planning! Wow–40 years and stronger and more diverse than ever. No one does the job better that Lebanon Family Health Services does. Congratulations!

— Jeff Zonis, Former CEO FHCCP

A grateful graduate of the tobacco cessation program

I support LFHS because they provide a full array of services to the Lebanon Community. They have an excellent support network for people kicking the nasty smoking habit. After many, many attempts over an 8 year period, this program is what finally worked for both my husband and I. I am proud to be a supporter of LFHS.

— Holly Krall-Heft, FFS Graduate

Breastfeeding is a way of life with the help of LFHS

I am thankful for all the support and encouragement we have received from all the great people at the WIC office. It’s made taking care of my family of 3 young children much easier by having their knowledge and resources available to us! After seeing her 2 younger siblings being breastfed, it was only natural for my daughter, Maelyn, to breastfeed her baby doll at the park one day!

— Arissa May, WIC client

23 Years and still connected to LFHS

“I’ve been connected with LFHS for over 23 years and they are great! When my children were young I came for WIC. Years later I was a nurse with another organization and came into the facility to do lead testing on the kids. Now I am in my 40’s and I am still connected to LFHS. I have no health insurance and I am thankful to be able to come to LFHS for my annual well woman exams.”

— Susan Vitale

Improving the quality of life for our employees with the help of LFHS

“As an employer we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for our employees. This year we developed a tobacco cessation wellness plan for the employees. Through discussion with LFHS, it was brought to my attention that they offer a free smoking cessation class several times a year at their office. They offered to come to our office and do an onsite class. Four of our employees decided to take advantage of the opportunity. LFHS allowed us to choose the day and time that was convenient for the 4 participants. A facilitator visited our office each week for one hour over the participants lunch period. The participants were encouraged and taught different strategies for coping with quitting smoking. They were each provided with workbooks and Nicotine Replacement Therapy at no cost. They were also provided with coupons for the patch for after the course was over. Three of the 4 participants quit smoking and are still non-smokers. We are thrilled with the results and hope the word spreads through the rest of the company and that we will be able to hold another session to help terminate tobacco use.”

— Jamie Yocum- Pres., GF Bowman

3 Generations!

“WIC helped 3 generations of Mother’s‑Thank You!”

— Tiffany Irizarry, WIC Client

Help in a time of need

WIC has helped us through our time of need and I am very pleased with the care my son and I received from the staff at Lebanon Family Health’s WIC program.

— Tammie, LHFS client

Without prejudice, judgement or bias

Why Lebanon Family Health Services? Simply put….they are the best! With a focus on helping all those in our community that need help finding their way. Without prejudice, without judgment, without bias…just providing services for those that need care.

— Phil and Maryann Palanzo

An Amazing Agency!

It is very difficult to put into words how I feel about LFHS. LFHS is an amazing agency. The staff has the ability to make every client feel special and makes a difference in the lives of the clients they serve during these tough economic and political times. I am so very proud to have served on the board and played a small role in this agency.

— Cheryl Guerrisi

A financially stable agency

I first became familiar with LFHS while working at JBT. JBT financially supports the agency, so I was asked to become involved in a volunteer capacity. I soon learned what a wonderful agency it is and became aware of all the services and education it provides the community. The agency is extremely well run. This is evident by the number of individuals served each year, by the longevity of the employees, the creative ways the staff meets the needs of the community and the financial stability of the agency.

— Ann Decker, LFHS Board Member

3 Healthy Pregnancies

I have been coming to Lebanon Family Health since 2010. I found out about LFHS from my family and friends when I was pregnant. I went through 3 pregnancies with LFHS. I have
always found them to be well informed, friendly and I thank them for keeping me and my babies healthy!

— Lisaidi Mack

Great hospitality and customer service

I have been coming to Lebanon Family Health since 2005 when I began coming to the WIC program. After that I began using the obstetric and gynecologic services. LFHS has great hospitality and customer service.

— Alejandra Romero

Working together to accomplish a mission

Lebanon Family Health Services is special because of its commitment to provide quality healthcare to those persons who have none. We serve women, children and men. We have a passion for what we do and compassion and respect is shown to each individual who enters our doors. Staff, board members and volunteers work together to accomplish our mission. We are a “team” and I am thankful to be a part of this group that makes the community healthier and happier.

— Betty Eiceman, Board Member

26 years and 3 generations at LFHS

For over 26 years my family has been a part of Lebanon Family Health. I used the WIC program for my children and they helped me with many things such as formula. My children are now 9, 17, 19, 20, 22, and 24. My twins are 26. WIC is now helping my grandchildren with formula and milk. They are very nice, helpful and always there to help parents in need.

— Jackie Derr

These ladies are awesome!

I’ve been with Lebanon Family Health Services for over 10 years. A friend first told me about LFHS when I was pregnant. This is a great healthcare provider and the ladies are awesome!

— Takia Pugh

LFHS reaches out to Harrisburg and Washington for the good of the community

It’s good to have friends in Harrisburg and Washington. LFHS has unfailingly reached out to inform and educate elected officials, who have then become true supporters of the agency’s vital work — a very special accomplishment.

— Olivia Susskind

Nutrition and child-rearing tips for over 18 years!

Our family has utilized the WIC program off and on for 18 years. We thank LFHS for the exceptional services we have received over all these years. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. The vouchers that we received from WIC helped our family immensely. Also, we love how the office is decorated with nutrition and child-rearing facts. Thank you for a job well done!

— The Yeager Family

Thanks WIC!

“WIC has helped me for almost 7 years to make sure that my 3 girls were as healthy as can be. Thanks WIC!!”

— Sara Kline

Reaching out to the Latino Community

My words cannot express the true value, performance and the outstanding services LFHS provides to this community at large. I’ve known LFHS for over 20 years and I mostly admire the compassion, respect, and concern for the wellbeing of others in the community regardless of socio-economic status. One of my best memories about LFHS is when they held the first Latino Health Fair. Reaching to the Latino community was also in their agenda. Always being a step ahead for the sake and health of this community.

— Lucy Flecha, Community Volunteer

Finding the “keystone” to the community for tobacco cessation

When I first became familiar with LFHS, I was coordinating a public health program in the county. I quickly learned that LFHS was a keystone of the county and with their help was able to promote the public health program successfully to community members who were truly in need of our services.

— Joy Meyer, American Lung Association

There for a family of 4

I have been on the WIC program for all 4 of my children. They helped me out in a lot of ways…I’m happy we have this program!!!

— Megan Beaver, WIC client

LFHS has grown with me

I first learned about Lebanon Family Health Services 11 years ago from my teen friends. I came here for my first Pap test and birth control. I have watched the agency grow and think it is a wonderful place that is really here to help women of all ages with no judgment or fuss. The staff is always pleasant and they are great at answering questions and giving reminders for appointments.

— Danielle Heilman, LFHS Patient

From the classroom to the clinic

“I first learned about Lebanon Family Health Services 7 years ago from my school. They have helped me a lot and I like the services.”

— Jennifel Rodriguez, LFHS Patient

Coming to LFHS for over 32 years

I first came to Lebanon Family Health Services 32 years ago. My experience has been awesome — the staff has helped and understood my circumstances without judgment.

In my teens, LFHS helped me understand how to give breast exams and take care of myself. As I grew into a young adult, they were there to answer all my questions and helped me plan my pregnancies. They helped during times of financial struggle, through various programs. Now as a mature woman they are here to help me through the next stage of my life.

The staff at Family Health is welcoming and knowledgeable.

— Cindy Nichols, LFHS Patient

A safe environment for parents

“The parenting class has improved my relationship with my children because it has provided me with tools to evaluate my parenting style. I was able to analyze which techniques were not working and utilize the ones learned from class. The class provided a safe environment to share the trials of parenthood with other parents. We learned so much from each other’s experiences! The staff related to current issues faced by the parents in the class and allowed us to share our experiences without judgment or criticism.”

— Joy Springer, LFHS Client

Connecting Through Texting

Throughout the 9 week session in the summer of 2013, the participants supported each other by texting during moments of difficulty and responded with words of encouragement.

“My biggest strength in helping me quit is my support group (including the people in my class). Surround yourself with positive people!!! I’m 68 and it is NEVER too late to quit-you are never too old!”

-Susie Winters

“Every day there is hope now for me to be smoke-free because of this class. I have learned a lot about myself, my triggers, and my ability to be successful. It can be done!!”

-Barbara Shellhase

A relationship that has lasted over 24 years

It has been over 24 years since my relationship with Lebanon Family Health first began. I learned about LFHS at the age of 16 from a friend at school. I was looking for confidential reproductive health care. LFHS provided me with services specifically for me at that time in my life. Years later, I utilized the prenatal program at LFHS and received care while I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd children. LFHS has allowed me to choose when my pregnancies occurred and empowered me to take control of my healthcare. Today, I expose my daughters to the values and mission embodied by LFHS.

My respect for the mission and contribution LFHS gives to this community inspired me to be more than a patient. Through the past 24 years I have also been an employee in over 4 positions- administrative assistant, nutrition assistant, breastfeeding peer support, prenatal nurse and my current position as a clinic manager. I have remained connected with LFHS during all stages of my life. As a stay-at-home mom, I was a volunteer at community outreach activities. As an employee, it has been a sincere pleasure to return the service I received as a young patient and support a mission that meets the needs of our community. I admire the phenomenal group of women who are caring, strong, supportive, knowledgeable and valued.

— Kristy Ludwig

From Teen Clinic to Prenatal

“I have been happy with LFHS since I went to Teen Clinic for family planning. After that, I used the prenatal and WIC programs. Through the years, the staff always made me feel comfortable and my questions were always answered.”

— Brandi Nuse

Out spreading the word!

Ten years ago I began volunteering for the Lebanon Family Health Services as a board member. For years, I had long been familiar with LFHS, but felt an agency of such value to the community deserved my attention.

When I became a member of the Board, I realized the breadth of services provided to the community far outreached my previously held perceptions. It took me about a year to fully understand the range of services and the diversity of clients served by this wonderful agency. As luck would have it, I became chair of the Outreach and Communications Committee, a perfect opportunity to “spread the word”.

It is an honor to support an agency which provides safe, respectful, clinically sound and above all, affordable opportunities to improve the lives of the members of our community. I feel passionately that families of all backgrounds deserve the best medical care regardless of economics. LFHS provides a safe environment for teens in need of contraception and counseling with unique teen walk-in clinics. Another aspect of LFHS that stands out for me is the WIC program (Women-Infants and Children) which not only provides funding for healthy foods, but also includes nutritional counseling, farmers market opportunities and breast feeding support.

I have long believed in the importance of all people acquiring quality healthcare. The healthier our population, the more productive our community. LFHS provides these opportunities for families of diverse backgrounds, regardless of financial status. Excellent healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As a Board Member, I feel it is our duty to promote these opportunities and I am proud to serve this agency and above all, to support our clients.

— Sue Szydlowski

From a nervous teenager to a mature adult mom

I have been such a loyal supporter of LFHS that I think the staff needs to weigh my file when I come for my visits! Over 20 years ago I walked through the doors as a nervous teenager but walked out knowing I had entered a good place. I was made to feel welcome and my questions were answered professionally.

Fast forward to 2002……LFHS assisted me with the birth of this beautiful baby girl! September 29, 2002, I was now a married woman who chose to become pregnant and LFHS was with me through this happy occasion. I was treated with kindness and courtesy throughout the process. Today, I am still a regular client and am grateful to a staff that makes me feel comfortable.

— Jackie Miller

The WIC program and Lebanon Family Health were truly a Godsend for me!

I can remember how old I was the very first time I utilized the services of Lebanon Family Health. I was a seventeen-year-old high school student who did not have the support of family or the means to obtain birth control. I was told by a few of my friends about this place where you can go and no one will know you were there and they would not tell your parents—not that my parents would have cared anyway. I was a bit scared making the appointment and going in to see them about what I needed but my fears were put to rest when everyone was so friendly and caring.

Fast forward 3 years and I became pregnant and had no idea what I was going to do. My boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion and I did not want to do that. Again, I turned to Lebanon Family Health Services since I knew they offered assistance in these kinds of situations. The clinical staff listened to my predicament, offered me a referral to all the different options available and not once did I feel like I was being judged or disrespected. I chose to keep my baby and this led me to the final time I needed Lebanon Family Health.

I was a single mother working a full-time job but was not able to provide enough food for my child. I did not qualify for food stamps since my gross income was $10 over the limit. I was a mess. I did not know what I was going to do in order to get food for my child. I turned to Lebanon Family Health and was able to utilize their WIC program since my child had low iron. The WIC program and Lebanon Family Health were truly a Godsend for me!

Thirty-two years ago, I utilized different services that Lebanon Family Health had to offer. They now offer so many more options and programs than they did back then. I am proud to say that I benefited from their services and I would highly recommend others to all of their programs.

— Cindy J. Eberhart

LFHS helped me quit smoking. Now I get to help others do the same.

I struggled with quitting smoking over many years. I grew up with a father who smoked and started smoking myself at age 18. After several attempts, I finally quit at age 31. Eighteen years later, I decided to take a puff of a cigarette while out with friends and unfortunately was soon hooked again. I knew that I had to take hold of my habit because I didn’t want to smoke in front of my grandchildren.

I found an ad in a local newspaper for Lebanon Family Health Services’ Freedom From Smoking® program and knew the time had come to quit for good. I attended the classes with my fiancé, who was also a smoker, and we were both finally successful in quitting for good. In the fall of that year, we were married.

Less than a year later, I was in a traumatic car accident that reaffirmed my decision to quit smoking. The emotional and physical stress that I experienced was a trigger that made me vulnerable to smoking once again. However, the tools provided to me in the tobacco cessation program helped me through this difficult time and I was able to stay smoke free.

I am a Freedom From Smoking® facilitator now and I look forward to continuing in this role for many years to come. I know how difficult it is to remain a recovering smoker and I want to help others through the quitting process.

— Ginny Lewis

Lebanon Family Health Services is part of our family.

When my daughter turned 17, at a vulnerable time in her life —the year after her father died, she came to Lebanon Family Health Services for her first gynecological check-up. Since I had recently joined the LFHS board, I thought we should use their services, so we both began what has been six years of wonderful care. From the staff members that greet you and schedule your appointments, to the intake nurse and practitioners, to the people who are cleaning the facility, everyone imparts a warmth and concern. Every staff person seems to love what they are doing and feel responsible for the care given at LFHS.

We feel part of the Lebanon Family Health Services family and look forward to many more years of their excellent medical care.

— Emily Guilliams

From WIC participant to a mentor helping other WIC participants

My name is Beth and I am currently the Breastfeeding Peer Outreach Coordinator for the WIC office in Lebanon. I am married and have a 12 year old son, Noah. My husband, Brian, Noah and I live in Cornwall.

Years ago, during the late 1970’s, I was a client at Lebanon Family Health Services. During that time I received women’s health screenings and birth control. In 1979, I married my first husband and had 2 children—Nathan, born in 1982 and Natalie, born in 1983. The marriage ended in 1986 and I became a single mom with a 3‑year-old and a 4‑year-old. That’s when I was referred to the WIC program by my doctor. My children were a part of the WIC family until they turned 5 years old.

Today I have 8 grandchildren, all of whom have been part of the WIC program. So you can see that Lebanon Family Health Services and the WIC office have been a part of my life for many years. Generations, in fact.

Being a part of the staff today seems like I’ve come full circle here at WIC. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others who are now a part of the WIC family. It is truly a humbling and rewarding experience. Thank you, Lebanon Family Health Services and WIC.

— Beth Keeney