80% of brain development happens by age 3

The Science Behind the Principals

Maximize Love, Manage Stress

Maximizing love and managing stress helps caregivers stay emotionally present with their children. Consistent, nurturing relationships and freedom from excessive stress promote children’s development and emotional wellbeing.

Talk, Sing, and Point

Talking, singing, and pointing accelerate language development, which in turn accelerates children’s early learning and engagement with the surrounding world.

Count, Group, and Compare

Counting, grouping, and comparing lay the foundations for mathematical thinking, helping children make sense of the numbers and categories they encounter in the world.

Explore through Movement and Play

Exploring through movement and play encourages curiosity, exploration, and discovery, and supports the development of motor skills and a healthy body.

Read and Discuss Stories

Reading and discussing stories engages children in thinking and builds their knowledge, reasoning, and early literacy skills

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